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New Mini-Circuits Products
Mini-Circuits is constantly developing new products to add to our large selection of product lines.
Please take a look at some of our newer releases below.

Attenuators  Wideband Amplifier   Ceramic Balun LTCC RF TransformerCeramic Balun LTCC RF Transformer


Broadband Attenuators
DC to 6GHz

Rugged Wideband Amplifier
0.8-21 GHz


Wide Band Balun  
LTCC RF Transformers 
600 - 6200MHz

 High Reliability Mixers    High Reliability Mixers  2 way 90? power splitters2 way 90? power splitters2 way 90? power splitters

Delivering up to 20 watts
20 MHz - 2 GHz

High Reliability Mixers
(Full Line)
using Hermetically Sealed Ceramic Quads
150 kHz to 4000 MHz

2 way 90?/font>  power splitters
10 different models, 2 of each
Designer's Kit    220  to 4500 MHz


Delivering up to 100 watts
20 MHz to 2 GHz


Voltage Variable Attenuator

Sim Up Converter

WideBand Frequency Mixer
3700 to 10000 MHz

Voltage Variable Attenuator
20 MHz to 3.0 GHz,  

Up Converter Mixers
from 0.1-3300 MHz to 2300-7400 MHz 

Ceramic Balun LTCC RF Transformer

Wideband Surface Mount Bias Tees

Coaxial High Pass Filters DC-13000 MHz

Ceramic Balun LTCC RF Transformer
2400 to 2700 MHz,  50Ω

Wideband Surface Mount Bias Tees
50 MHz to 6.0 GHz


Coaxial High Pass Filters
DC to 13 GHz

50 Ohm, 40 dB, 100 Watt Fixed Attenuator BW-40N100W

MMIC AMPLIFIERS DC-1GHz 25dB gain 20 dBm Output

SPDT Absorptive Switch, DC-3000MHz

Fixed Attenuators
50 Ohm, 40 dB, 100 Watt


MMIC Amplifiers
DC to 1 GHz
25 dB Gain   +20 dBm Output

Four-Way Power Combiner Covers
600 To 2300 MHz

Low Cost 300MHz-6GHz Mixers

Coaxial Low Pass Filters DC-7200 MHz

DC-18GHz Adapters Type-N/SMA And SMA-F To SMA-M

Low Cost Mixers
300 MHz to 6 GHz

Coaxial Low Pass Filters
DC to 7.2 GHz

DC to 18 GHz


Power Splitters 2 Way-0 Degree 2MHz to 12.6GHz

LFCN low pass filters and HFCN high pass filters

DC-20GHz SMA Termination

2 Way-0 Degree Power Splitters
2 MHz to 12.6 GHz

LFCN Low Pass Filters and
HFCN High Pass Filters

SMA Terminations
DC to 20 GHz


Micro-Miniature 5-2000MHz Coupler Series

DC Blocks Afford Low Insertion Loss To 18GHz


Micro-Miniature Couplers
5 MHz to 2.0 GHz


Low Insertion Loss to 18 GHz

Attenuators with the connectors you require, usable to 4 GHz with a super flat frequency response

Voltage Controlled Oscillator

High IP3 Voltage Variable Attenuators

Low-Power 2.4GHz 5-b<br>Digital Attenuator

Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Linear Tuning 970 to 2150 MHz

Voltage Variable Attenuators
High IP3
(10 to 2500 MHz )

5-b Digital Attenuator
Low-Power 2.4 GHz

ZRL-Series Balanced Amplifiers


500-5000 MHz 2&4 Way Splitters

High IP3 Balanced Amplifiers
250 MHz to 2.3 GHz

Low Cost MMIC Amplifiers
DC to 10 GHz

2 & 4 Way Coaxial Power Splitters
500 MHz  to 5.0 GHz


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