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RF/IF Designer's Guide 2006

Mini-Circuits... New!
2007 IF/RF Microwave Signal Processing Components Guide.

   The 144-page catalog offers the RF/microwave industry抯 most comprehensive listings
of RF, IF, and microwave components with essential performance specifications for each
product. Components include adapters, amplifiers, attenuators, bias tees, test cables,
DC blocks, directional couplers, filters, impedance-matching pads, limiters, mixers,
modulators/demodulators, multiplexers, phase detectors, phase shifters, power detectors,
power combiners/dividers, mechanical and diode switches, synthesizers, terminations,
transformers, and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). Filter listings, for example, cover
all four response types條owpass, highpass, bandpass, and band-stop filters梬ith information
on rejection levels, VSWR, and insertion loss. The section on frequency synthesizers covers
basic performance specifications for over 150 models developed at Mini-Circuits from
100 MHz to 4.3 GHz with low phase noise and settling times as low as 25 microseconds.
The data-packed catalog presents components in coaxial package, plug-in housings,
and surface-mount packages, with details on mechanical outlines, PCB mounting suggestions,
and package options.

  In addition to the extensive component data, the catalog also provides a listing of Mini-Circuits?br> patents and the product model numbers to which they apply, as well as a complete listing of the
National Stock Number (NSN) Guide for Mini-Circuits? considerable component collection.
For those who need information beyond what is listed in the catalog, a clearly written article
highlights the powerful YONI search engine on Mini-Circuits?web site, and how to use YONI
to best advantage.

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New! IF RF Microwave Signal Processing Components Guide
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